Quality cable crossovers

Cable crossovers designed for any situation where you need to lay wires and ducts on the ground, ensuring they are fully protected from damage and with particular attention to public safety. The CAPA crossovers have been designed by our engineering studio, approved by the Italian Government, and manufactured in Italy.

There are situations when high quality is the only quality you can accept.

  • Bottom material: high density expanded polyurethane
  • Working voltage: 1000 V A. C. – 1500 V D.C
  • Insulation resistance: 29,5 GW
  • Protection: IP30XC
  • Maximum roll-on Ioad: 0,17kN/cm²
  • Surface hardness: 90/95 (SHORE A)
  • Lid material: ABS- METACRYLIC/PVC
  • Excellent resistance to solvents, acids, oils and atmospheric agents
  • Complies with EEC 73/23 directive for low voltage electrical equipment
  • Also complies with IEC 64/, IEC 364-7 – 704/708
  • Reaction to fire: CLASS 1 according to UNI 9174 and UNI 8457

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Capa Junior


Capa 100.1


Capa 100.2


Capa 100.3


Capa Maxi 1

Capa Maxi 2