Specialist Training

The courses offered by Molpass are aimed at spreading the know-how necessary to fully exploit the technological solutions that we trade, thus making sure that our clients and the final customers will enjoy the best outcome from these products.

Often the set-up times to use our technology can be quite lengthy, especially if it includes having to read the manual. Thanks to our courses you will be able to master these processes and speed up your activity significantly; on top of that you will learn the best tricks that our teachers have acquired during their career.

The training sessions that we advertise are usually divided in 3 categories: Basic, Advanced, Individual. The former two are designed to learn the various functions and uses of specific items, and they are carried out in small groups hosted in our new classrooms (fully equipped).
The course outline is laid out following international guidelines recommended by the manufacturers, and therefore it keeps in mind the needs of the market. The teachers have been trained and certified by the various brands they focus on.
Individual courses (not shown in the calendar) can be organized directly with our various product specialists, and they are therefore 100% tailored around the needs of the trainee.

Extended Training

Molpass is also investing in the creation of professionals with skills that match the market demands – with courses that integrate specialist content with those general and theoretic fundamentals that are necessary to kickstart a career in this field.

These courses feature teachers coming from various professional sectors – ranging from showbiz, work safety, event production, etc. The goal is to provide the relevant knowledge to operate freely across the diverse roles that are involved in the successful organization of an event – while manifesting a technical approach.

The professionals coming out of this extended training will then be able to choose which field to specialize in, but will always retain a general overview that will ease communication and collaboration with nearby fields. Within this type of training you can find also courses financed by the Province and the Region – both for unemployed and employed, and IFTS/FSE recognized programmes (advanced education).

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Media Server Operator

Suspended Loads: Safety before and during events

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