We regard the sale of a product as the start of a human relationship. In a sector like ours that is characterized by high technological turnover, that may mean software updating, but also resolution of hardware issues that require an expert eye, trained on spotting any detail. Everyone in the team has been trained directly from our partner manufacturers, and they are well appreciated for the passion they put in their job.

And technical support is not just for existing clients: we are open to any request, even just information.

Periodic checks service

Even the sturdiest installations require maintenance: and our experience in this field is more than 10-year long. We helped solving issues at all levels, including famous international theatres – but the simplest intervention will be considered as well and will be carried out with professionalism and celerity.

Entertainment venues – and not only them – require constant care. What are the benefits of regular checks? Improved safety, smaller expenditures on the long term, maximum efficiency for the installations.