Boundless products for photography and cinema

The AVENGER brand was born 20 years ago, answering to the need of the photo and cine markets of having a boundless product for any set. Product quality is the hallmark of this range, which can withstand extreme use, rough atmospheric conditions, very high stress and heavy loads. All products have been designed under the supervision of the most demanding film grippers to match the strict quality standards and performance needs of the motion picture industry. The result is a complete range of inexhaustible articles that praises some of the most famous products in the cine market: such as the Super Clamp, the Wind Up Stand and the Magic Arm, worldwide famous for their efficiency, ease of use, and reliability.


    • Baby Lightweight Stands


  • Boom Stands



  • Combo Stands



  • Cstands



  • Long John Silver



  • Overhead Stands



  • Roller Stands



  • Strato Safe Stands



  • Wind Up Stands




    • Butterflies


  • Dots & Fingers



  • Floppies and cutters



  • Frames



  • Metallic Flags



  • Oval Reflectors



  • Polyholders



  • Scrims and Flags




    • Arms


  • Booms



  • Clamps



  • Crosspole



  • Grip Heads and Arms



  • Pump Cups



  • Telescopic Hangers



  • Wall Plates




    • Adapters


  • Cable Clips & Cable Grip



  • Carrying Solutions



  • Clamp Connection



  • Flag protections



  • Gel Holders



  • Safety



  • Stand Accessories



  • Textile



  • Wheels