Creative real-time media control

Pandora’s Box is a complete and integrated hardware/software system, which excels  in rendering, real-time video compositing, 2D/3D warping and works with multi-screen displays and projections on any surface or shape. Created by the German firm Coolux back in 2003, it has since won numerous awards and it’s considered the high standard in this field.

It has now reached version 5.5, and its newest features are all geared towards maximizing working efficiency and unleashing your creative vision, always in the name of scalability and reliability. Among the improvements, we like to point out the auto mapping option for 3D models for physical items: you only need to define 4 spots in the real space and the job is done! Pandora’s Box family of products includes Server, Manager, Player and Editor.

A recent addition to Coolux range is the Widget Designer – an intuitive multitouch interface for Pandora’s Box. It is very versatile and fit for any form of man/machine interface and can be used as a A/V/L show-controller, as interface with HTML5 (webserver) and also allows for dynamic 3D mapping via motion sensors (e.g. Tait Navigator).

Molpass is the sole official distributor for Italy, and we offer a range of service along trade – from aftersales support to specialist training, including maintenance and repairs.