Integrated system for stage pulls & lifts

Montratt is a system designed to handle stagecraft equipment on the spot, with or without underlying grid.

It is comprised of free-standing monorails which are able to internally shift hoists and related pulleys. The system is fixed onto the existing structures, following a thorough calculation and check of sustainable loads. The benefits of Montratt are:

– it allows for scenographic elements, lifting equipment and other technical parts to be placed in any location of the stage
– the system can be easily expanded according to various needs
– a tangible decrease in manual labour and time required to assemble/disassemble stagecraft items
– it allows for maintenance work outside the theatre, rapidly removing lifting machines
– an increase in workers’ safety, as in comparison to traditional systems featuring manual winches and without proper protection

Our technical designers will be glad to visit your location at no cost, in order to assess structural features and feasibility of a MONTRATT installation.