PAV800 – PAF750

Variable and fixed set stage modules


PAV 800 are variable set modules that can be easily and quickly assembled without tools. They represent an ideal solution for outfitting any kind of stage or board. They can be assembled as boards, stages, tribunes, temporary slides and ramps. Each module is composed of the following parts:

  • The board is made of marine plywood without knots. It lays on an extruded aluminium frame strengthened by two central girders;
  • The sides are made of extruded aluminium profile with a double guide for coupling joints and accessories. There could be a seating for Velcro as well;
  • Two legs made of class 2 galvanized iron. They both have a threaded feet to adjust height within 50 mm;
  • Each leg is provided with two centred bars which can be moved within the frame. On these bars edges there are two pins driven through a wire, which can be operated by an handle placed under the board of the shorter side.

Each module can be lowered to the ground reaching 18 cm height. For this reason they can be easily stocked and conveyed.

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PAF 750 are fixed height modules for stages, whose frame is composed of aluminium alloy sectional bars.

The loading board is made of marine beech plywood. They can be assembled as boards, stages, platforms and stairs.The legs are made of aluminium tubular (6060 UNI 9006) or steel tubular (FE360) and they can be round or square. The diameter measures 50 mm and they are 3 mm thick.

To mount the legs, it is necessary to insert them into the suitable seats placed under the angles of the frame. The legs have to be secured through a fastening throttle screw. Each PAF 750 can be coupled with another one, using two clamps endowed with a fastening screw.

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