Professional equipment for orchestras

Rythmes & Sons (rythm and sound) began in 1981 from the experiences and the desire to solve the problems experienced on tour. Since the beginning, they have been driven by a passion for their business. So, for every one of their candles they have celebrated advancement: expanding the line, launching a product, or creating a new service.


 Flight cases for storage and the transportation of fragile equipment

  • Flight cases for transportation and storage
  • Plastic cases
  • Flight cases for wardrobe and make-up
  • Flight cases for storage
  • 19″ flight cases
  • Flight cases for lighting equipment
  • Flight cases for sound equipment
  • Flight cases for video equipment
  • Flight cases for lifting equipment and stage structures


Orchestra furniture 

  • Furniture for the stage, the pit, recording studios and on tour
  • Ergonomic equipment, solid and reliable
  • An impressive inventory