Safety Division

Molpass, as a leader in the showbiz technology, is very aware of the potential risk for audience and operators that may arise during live shows and similar contexts.
Therefore the issue of Safety is a priority for us, and since our beginnings the company has invested much both from the technical point of view (top equipment) and from the legal one. In regards to the latter, we recommend reading the Italian safety regulations linked on this page.
In a sector like ours, technical soundness and well-thought prevention go hand in hand, and they are key for the success of an event or installation work.

To this end, Molpass offers:

  • a periodic functional inspection according to regulations (Italian DL 9 April 2008 n.81, “Tutela della salute e della sicurezza su luoghi di lavoro”)
  • a specialist service of weighing and checking for loads on complex installations, that enables to monitor in real-time the behaviour of a suspended structure (both static and moving), resulting in a printed report of the masses involved; this is to be attached to the report produced by the engineer in charge of checks

We have dedicated procedures and staff to carry out the aforementioned interventions, as well as other more specific jobs of advisory and testing nature.

More in particular we are able to:

  • Carry out periodic checks for stage modules and lifting systems (either at our HQs or on site)
  • Offer three-monthly checks for lifting equipment (chains, ropes, hooks)
  • Carry out static and dynamic tests for stage modules, with adequate instruments
  • Advise about safe-proofing for non-compliant equipment
  • Bring specialist staff in for maintenance and installation
  • Advise clients about current legal framework
  • Assist with designing and planning new implants or modifications

Paperwork that we can produce for you:

  • Writing and sending declaration of inspection for single items, signed by authorized staff
  • Filling out the checks’ registry, signed by authorized staff
  • Reminders of checks’ expiration
  • Free estimates